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Question: Can I enroll in a couple of online courses through e-Academy and stay in my current district school?
Answer: No. e-Academy is a choice school and it's own district school. Students who attend e-Academy need to withdraw from their current school and have all records transferred to CRA. The only part-time option is for students getting home schooled or in private school.

Question: I want the flexibility of taking a couple of online courses? How can I do that?
Answer: All high schools offer online courses through NCVPS and NHCS. Talk to your school counselor before applying to e-Academy. You may be able to take both in-person and online courses through your current school. You can also reach out to your school's Virtual Academy Coordinator.

Question: Do I use Zoom with e-Academy?
Answer: No. All e-Academy courses are asynchronous. All content is learned at your pace; however, all teachers schedule due dates for assessments and assignments to keep students on pace.

Question: Where can I get academic help?
Answer: All online teachers are available to assist you with your academics. Many of them hold online office hours or are available to chat online or on phone. NCVPS offers the Peer Tutoring Center for many subjects. In addition, we can schedule assistance with our CRA teachers with advanced notice. Middle school e-Academy students need to reach out to their online teachers for support and help with their pacing guide. 

Question: Do I have to take EOC's and EOG's in e-Academy and where do I take them?
Answer: Yes. All middle grade students are required to take the EOG's in person at CRA @ Mosley.
All high school students taking Math 1, Math 3, English II and Biology are required to take the EOC's in person at CRA @ Mosley.
All testing information will be emailed home to students and parents/guardians and be posted on our website. If you need any exceptions for testing, these need to be asked for in advance to the testing coordinator.

Question: Are laptops / tech devices available for e-Academy students?
Answer: Yes. NHCS has a new One-to-One program for all students. Laptops will be loaned out to e-Academy students during orientation / open house.

Question: Am I able to still participate in school activities / sports while enrolled in e-Academy?
Answer: Yes. You need to contact your district school for this information.