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About e-Academy:
e-Academy was originally developed as a partnership between New Hanover County Schools and home school students and families. Students can fully enroll in e-Academy (grades 6-12) or dually enroll with e-Academy and home school (not district school). All courses are taught online and can be accessed off site, in the family home. e-Academy is a choice school offered through the Career Readiness Academy at Mosley. 

Application Process:
The e-Academy application for the 2022-2023 academic year is now open. Review of applications will begin in Summer 2022. The application deadline is to be determined; however, no applications will be accepted after the NHCS drop/add date. To be eligible for e-Academy, all applicants are interviewed and must complete the Canvas Orientation course. Past grades and attendance are also taken into consideration.

e-Academy is a choice district school, and students accepted into this program need to withdraw from their current district school and submit all records and enrollment documents to CRA at Mosley before being enrolled in online courses. Step by step instructions will be emailed to all accepted students and parents/guardians, along with required orientation dates. Students who are home schooled or in private school may attend e-Academy part-time (we will need proof of enrollment in these schools). Questions regarding records may be directed to the CRA data manager, Ms. Ramona Gray.

e-Academy  Contract:
All students who are accepted into e-Academy need to read the e-Academy contract and sign it, along with their parents and/or guardians. This contract must be signed before being enrolled in online courses. It will be provided to you at orientation.

Orientation for new students is required for all students and parents and/or guardians. It will be held at CRA @ Mosley (times and days TBD). During this time, we will review all the Learning Management Systems, go over expectations, testing, and discuss options for academic assistance. The e-Academy contracts will need to be read and signed by all participants before leaving orientation.

Check your emails!! Read them and respond when needed. All students in e-Academy work from home, and email is the main source of communication. All grade reports and course updates are sent by email. Students should check their email on a daily basis as teachers often send announcements and updates. It is also expected that students and parents and/or guardians reply to emails when necessary.

Time: Students should be working 60-90 minutes each weekday in each course to stay on pace. Once students start falling behind, it's too easy to stop working. Most teachers leave open their assignments and assessments all semester. If students need any extensions, that is determined by the teacher for high school courses. There are no extensions for middle grade students unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Grade Reports: Grades are checked every Thursday and/or Friday and recorded in a spreadsheet. These grades are emailed home every other week. Many times the grades are recorded before some of the work has been graded by the teacher, so don't panic if it's different than what is posted online. All students can see their grades in Canvas or Edgenuity. Parents/Guardians can have observation access to these Learning Management Systems to see grades and missing work.

Technology / Devices: All e-Academy students must have their own devices and internet. We are not able to loan out tech devices to students.

Can I enroll in a couple of online courses through e-Academy and stay in my current district school?
Answer: No. e-Academy is a choice school and it's own district school. Students who attend e-Academy need to withdraw from their current school and have all records transferred to CRA. The only part-time option is for students getting home schooled or in private school.

Question: I want the flexibility of taking a couple of online courses? How can I do that?
Answer: All high schools offer online courses through NCVPS and NHCS. Talk to your school counselor before applying to e-Academy. You may be able to take both in-person and online courses through your current school. You can also reach out to your school's Virtual Academy Coordinator.

Question: Do I use Zoom with e-Academy?
Answer: No. All e-Academy courses are asynchronous. All content is learned at your pace; however, all teachers schedule due dates for assessments and assignments to keep students on pace.

Question: Where can I get academic help?
Answer: All online teachers are available to assist you with your academics. Many of them hold online office hours or are available to chat online or on phone. NCVPS offers the Peer Tutoring Center for many subjects. In addition, we can schedule assistance with our CRA teachers with advanced notice. Middle school e-Academy students need to reach out to their online teachers for support and help with their pacing guide. You can also hire a tutor if needed.

Question: Do I have to take EOC's and EOG's in e-Academy and where do I take them?
Answer: Yes. All middle grade students are required to take the EOG's in person at CRA @ Mosley.
All high school students taking Math 1, Math 3, English II and Biology are required to take the EOC's in person at CRA @ Mosley.
All testing information will be emailed home to students and parents/guardians and be posted on our website. If you need any exceptions for testing, these need to be asked for in advance to the testing coordinator.

Question: Are laptops / tech devices available for e-Academy students?
Answer: You are responsible for having your own tech equipment and internet.

Learning Management Systems (LMS):
Students enrolled in e-Academy take classes through the following Learning Management Systems:

  • NCPVS (North Carolina Virtual Public School) Canvas - grades 9-12
  • NHCS Canvas (through NCEdCloud) - grades 9-12
  • Edgenuity for Credit Recovery - grades 9-12
  • SIS Edgenuity - grades 6-8

Many high school students will be using both NCVPS and NHCS Canvas. Each one has a separate login and website. This information will be emailed as soon as the student is enrolled in their courses.

All middle grade students are required to take EOG's.
All high school students taking Math 1, Math 3, English II and Biology are required to take EOC's. EOC's count for 20% of the course grade.
All students are required to come to CRA @ Mosley to take these exams. If students have extenuating circumstances, alternative testing arrangements may be made in advance.
All testing information will be provided to you in advance by email.

Teachers in other classes have the option of implementing their own final exams. These are typically 20% of the final grade. Not all online courses will have final exams.

Virtual Academy Coordinators:
If you are interested in taking online courses part-time through your district school, please talk to your school counselor and get in touch with your school's Virtual Academy Coordinator (VAC). The VAC's enroll students into online courses in NCVPS or NHCS and monitor grades. 

All seniors graduating from e-Academy are eligible to walk in the Career Readiness Academy at Mosley graduation ceremony. The CRA Graduation Coach will contact all seniors with information about cap and gown, graduation practice, and the actual ceremony. Graduation details will be posted on the CRA website.

Contact Us:
We are located at the Career Readiness Academy at Mosley
3702 Princess Place Drive, Wilmington, NC 28405

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